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Kerala: Children sick after eating school food,several parents have also fallen ill



Kerala Students taking Mid Day Meal

Kerala Students having Mid Day Meal

Police Launch Investigation After Food Poisoning Incident at Kerala School Function

Health officials in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district are inspecting where food was ordered for a school function after multiple students and parents suffered food poisoning at an event on January 6 and were hospitalized. Koduman Police reported four children as well as three to four others were affected, and similar poisoning incidents have been reported elsewhere over the last two weeks resulting in two deaths.

Police Investigating Recent Incident

Students in Hospital due to food poisioning

Students in Hospital due to food poisioning

The police are currently investigating this incident, which was discovered during normal work activities. No complaints have been filed against anyone involved. Recently, however, one chef from a restaurant was arrested following similar events which resulted in the death of a young woman near Kottayam district; their head chef is being questioned as part of this process and further action are planned against him or her.

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