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Is Jin Young Ko Married? Know More About Her Husband



Ko Jin-Young

Ko Jin-Young

People are always eager to know more about Ko Jin-Young’s husband or boyfriend. In this article, we provide full details regarding who he or she may be; additionally we’ll also reveal whether or not a relationship exists between them.

Who Is Ko Jin-Young’s Husband? Know About Her Married Life

Ko Jin-Young's Husband

Ko Jin-Young, a South Korean golfer renowned for her incredible golf skills, remains unmarried or in any formal relationship; no official source has confirmed such news either way; rather she prefers keeping her personal life private while inspiring many female golfers as an inspiration figure. Born with the name Jin Young Ko, here are details on both parents of Jin Young.

Who Are Ko Jin-Young’s Parents?

Ko Jin-Young's parents

Ko Jin-Young’s parents

Ko Jin-Young was born to Sung Tae Ko and Mi Kyung Kim of Naples, Florida and received the Rolex Player of the Year Award there in 1999. Her father had an athletic background as a boxer while Mi Kyung Kim is also a golfer; Ko is often inspired by Mi’s early start in playing golf – on her very first day she made her first shot hit!

Ko Jin-Young’s Family

Ko Jin-Young's Family

Ko Jin-Young’s Family

Ko Jin-Young has three members in her immediate family – her parents, grandfather, and herself. Unfortunately, her grandfather recently passed away from Alzheimer’s and will always be remembered fondly as an advocate. Now let’s turn our focus back onto her relationships history:

Are You Wondering If Ko Jin-Young Is Married Or in a Relationship?

Ko Jin-Young

Ko Jin-Young

Many are curious to know the status of Ko Jin Young’s romantic life. Unfortunately, no official confirmation exists to support either her being in a relationship or married; she seems intent on building her career and rising through the golfing world as fast as she can.


Ko Jin-Young is an exceptional talent in the golf world. Although many are curious about her personal life, she prefers to keep it private. Known for her golf skills and inspiration of many female golfers. Both her parents were athletes who had an influence in her life. Furthermore, her grandfather played an influential role.

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