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Singapore Blackpink Concert,Fans express dissatisfaction with their concert experience



K-Pop Sensation Blackpink’s Singapore Concert Has Left Some Fans Disappointed

Korean pop culture has taken over the world over recent years as its appeal spreads globally through music streaming services, K-dramas and movies, and instantaneous news coverage. One of the most beloved K-Pop senasations, Blackpink, recently held two sold-out performances of their Born Pink World Tour at Singapore National Stadium last weekend but not all fans attending were completely delighted by this experience.

Viral Video Shows View Obstructed By Hand-Held Admirer

Black Pink in Concert

Trixl4uu posted a Tiktok video on Sunday, 14th May 2023 that depicted a concertgoer using three languages to ask another attendee to put down their hand-held admirer, which was blocking several standing pen attendees’ views. This video quickly went viral among users; many applauded and laughed at his efforts as peacemaker while some found amusement in his comedic delivery of words.

Limited View and Cellphones Everywhere

One Tiktok user expressed their disappointment over not being able to see Blackpink member Jisoo due to someone holding up a sign at the concert, while other videos posted online show VIP and standing-ticket holders complaining about limited views of Blackpink member Jisoo and the stage. VIP and standing ticket holders complained during their limited view of K-Pop group Jennie; other video posts online depict raised cell phones distracting viewers during performances; this led her to comment during one song of their K-Pop group performance, “I must admit, more phones than faces today; although, for my last two songs I want my audience to connect and interact with us, dance along and participate so we can have fun together.”

Organizers Hold “Don’t Push” Signs

Organisers of the concert were forced to post makeshift “Don’t Push” signs and advise standing-pen ticket holders before it started in order to diffuse an potentially dangerous situation. A video posted online showed medical staff wheeling a stretcher past fans before starting up the concert to attend to someone who may have fainted, as an attempt at risk mitigation.

BlackPink in Singapore Concert

BlackPink in Singapore Concert

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