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Is Sara Bareilles Pregnant? American Singer-Songwriter Pregnancy Recent Updates



Sara Bareilles Pregnant

Sara Bareilles Pregnant

Many are searching for information regarding Sara Bareilles’ reported pregnancy rumors. As a celebrated singer-songwriter and actress, Sara has amassed an avid following eager for any details regarding her personal life or speculation regarding pregnancy rumors. If this sounds familiar to you, look no further! We conducted extensive research on Sara’s love life and pregnancy speculation so you don’t miss a beat!

Who is Sara Bareilles?

Sara Bareilles, an accomplished American singer-songwriter known for her hits like Girl Play and Little Voice has sold more than three million albums and 15 million singles in America alone. Along with her musical success, Sara has appeared as both actress and musician in movies such as Girl Play, Little Voice and Lipstick Jungle; earning two Grammy awards as well as being honored as one of VH1’s 100 Greatest Women in Music in February 2012.

Are You Wondering If Sara Bareilles Is Pregnant?

Are You Wondering If Sara Bareilles Is Expecting?

Rumors surrounding Sara Bareilles being pregnant have been swirling, with fans reporting seeing her baby bump. Unfortunately, no official statement from either Sara or her representatives regarding a potential pregnancy has yet been released, so until further announcements from her are released by Sara, we must disprove these rumors until further announcements from her are released to confirm such claims.

Who is Sara Bareilles’s Partner?

Who is Sara Bareilles's Partner? | Gossipheadlines

Sara Tippett and Joe Tippett have been romantically involved for six years. Their romance first surfaced during an out-of-town tryout for Waitress at American Repertory Theater located in Cambridge Massachusetts in August 2015, where fans first witnessed them together. Two years later they exchanged engagement rings – much to the delight of fans eagerly awaiting their wedding!

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