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Who was Haesoo? Korean Singer Bio, Age, Instagram and Real Name | Latest Update



Who was Haesoo?

Who was Haesoo?

Haesoo was an esteemed K-pop idol who tragically passed away at 29 due to suicide, leaving many fans devastated. She was best known as an accomplished South Korean Trot singer/songwriter renowned for her amazing voice; trot music is a genre in Korean popular music that utilizes repeated rhythm and vocal inflections which Haesoo was active within for some time, amassing an impressive fan base due to her music.

Who Was Haesoo?

Haesoo was better known by her real name of Kim Soo-Hyun in South Korea and was an acclaimed Trot singer. From an early age she pursued music professionally; making her debut with “My Life, Me” album release in 2019 before going on to appear in TV programs such as Gayo Stage, Hangout With Yoo and Trot Show to gain more media prominence.

Biography Of Haesoo Korean Singer

Name Haesoo
Real Name Kim Soo-Hyun
Born December 1993
Age 29 years
Birthplace Seoul, South Korea
Death Date May 12
Married Status Unmarried
Relationship Status Single
Siblings TBH
Parents TBH
Alma mater TBH
Instagram @haesoo
Net Worth $10 million

Haesoo mesmerized audiences with her captivating singing in shows she appeared in. In 2021, she released “Back,” which became widely popular. Though this was Haesoo’s last single release, she continued sharing cover songs on YouTube channel. At Korean National University she studied Pansori music before switching her interest over to Trot music after becoming inspired by popular singer Joo Hyun-mi.

Who was Haesoo? Korean Singer Bio | Gossipheadlines

Remembering Haesoo: A Social Media Icon’s Mysterious Life and Untimely Demise

Haesoo was born in 1993 and died at age 29. As she did not reveal much information about herself to the media, media outlets could not locate details regarding her family and its members. After her passing, many tributes were paid in her memory.

Haesoo had an active Instagram presence from her account where she interacted regularly with her followers who loved and followed her regularly; many fan accounts dedicated to her were created on Instagram; upon hearing of her death many were shaken; tributes and condolence messages are pouring out across various social media platforms – especially after finding her dead in a hotel room leaving many in shock.

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