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Jennifer Lopez Reveals the Reason Why She Walks by holding hand in hand a step behind Ben



Lopez walking a step behind Ben

Lopez walking a step behind Ben

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: Exposing Their Reason for Going Separate Ways

Many have noticed Jennifer Lopez walking behind Ben Affleck recently. Now, the singer and actress has revealed why she prefers to stay one step behind him.

Lopez explained that she wants to show Affleck her support as he works on sobriety. By walking alongside him, she believes she is providing him with needed support while also showing everyone who he has support from.

It is important to remember that walking behind someone doesn’t imply inferiority or subservience; it rather shows their love and respect.

Lopez and Affleck have made headlines recently for their renewed romance. It’s evident they share an intense bond, which only further cemented when Lopez decided to walk behind Affleck during their red carpet appearances.

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