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Jesse Madison Holton Arrested: Has He Murdered His Parents?



Jesse Madison Holton, was charged in September 2016 with murdering both of his parents in Eclectic, Alabama home. Michael and April Holton tragically passed away, prompting speculation on whether their son committed the act or not. Many questions remain unanswered concerning Jesse Madison Holton; his parents; possible motives behind his actions; as well as why Michael Evans refuses to believe Madison is guilty despite evidence pointing towards such accusations; in this article we aim to provide all details surrounding this tragic event.

Jesse Madison Holton Arrested

Jesse Madison Holton Arrested

Madison was 17-years old at the time of his arrest for murdering Michael Holton and April Holton of Eclectic, former mayors respectively, who were found shot to death with gunshot wounds; April Holton’s body was discovered days later with multiple head traumas. Michael Evans was serving as a California police officer at this time and has staunchly insisted his nephew is innocent and didn’t kill either one of their parents.

Jesse Madison Holton Arrested

Jesse Madison Holton Arrested

The Unraveling Truth

On September 11th 2016, Madison claims his father came home after discovering that Madison had hosted a party, handcuffed him, and called in a deputy to arrest them both for double murder charges before shooting his mother before turning the weapon on himself and turning it on himself before discharging it in self-defence. Physical evidence disproved these claims. Madison spent nearly one year behind bars before being released on bond in December 2017 in Elmore County Jail.

Jesse Madison Holton Arrested

Jesse Madison Holton Arrested

Elmore County grand jurors will hear our case, and more details will emerge during trial. We will inform you immediately of any new developments.

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