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Jessica Olsson : Dirk Nowitzki of the NBA Legend.



Jessica Olsson is a Swedish-Kenyan businesswoman, philanthropist and art enthusiast best known as being married to Dirk Nowitzki – one of the greatest basketball players ever. This article will focus on Jessica’s life story, career development and relationship with Dirk.

About Jessica

About Jessica

Jessica Olsson was born June 19, 1978 to a Kenyan mother and Swedish father in Gavle, Sweden. She has two younger twin brothers named Marcus and Martin who both play professional soccer in England. Jessica spent most of her early education years in Sweden where she completed both undergraduate studies (University of Stockholm) as well as master’s research studies from European Business School Germany (EBS).

Career and Philanthropy Planning to Achieve Success

Career and Philanthropy Planning to Achieve Success

After finishing her studies, Jessica Olsson became a project manager for Swedish sports company CSI Sports before moving to Texas to become associate director at Dallas Art Gallery and Goss-Michael Foundation (a non-profit that promotes contemporary art). Jessica is well known for her charitable activities involving Gates Foundation, UNICEF and Dirk Nowitzki Foundation which strive to improve lives by way of health, education and well-being initiatives for children worldwide.

Relationship With Dirk Nowitzki

Relationship With Dirk Nowitzki

Jessica Olsson met Dirk Nowitzki for the first time at a charity event in Scotland in 2010, where they hit it off and began dating almost instantly. On July 20, 2012 they held an intimate wedding ceremony attended by family and close friends, later that same year they hosted a traditional Kenyan wedding ceremony in Nairobi; now with three children together: Malaika was born 2013, Max in 2015 and Morris was welcomed as their 4th child in 2018. Together they reside happily together in Dallas.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Who Is Jessica Olsson?

Art Lovers often mistook Jessica Olsson for Dirk Nowitzki when working together at that event, which caused confusion for all involved. In 2021, 44 year-old Jessica was believed to have lived at W88 cm height.

What is her height?

A: Jessica Olsson stands 5 feet 1 inch compared to her 7 foot husband, as per The Wall Street Journal.

Q: How much is Jessica Olsson worth?

A: Her estimated wealth may exceed $1 Million thanks to her art gallery she manages and as the sole trustee for Dirk Nowitzki’s assets.

Q: For how long have Jessica Olsson and Dirk Nowitzki been married?

A: Since 2012, Jessica Olsson and Dirk Nowitzki have been in a marriage partnership of nine years.

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