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Sadie Raine Loza: Paying Tribute To An Early Teenager 



Sadie Raine Loza was a 15-year-old girl from California who died suddenly on February 14th 2023. She was the daughter of Casey Loza and Aaron Hershman and stepdaughter of Kyle Loza; Audrina Patridge (famous TV star/model) was her niece.

Who is Sadie Raine Loza?

Sadie Raine Loza

Sadie was well known for her passion in dance, music, fashion, ancient civilization architecture and energy conservation laws.

Sadie’s death created an unimaginable hole for both her family and friends, who used social media as an avenue to remember and pay their respects to the late Sadie. Sadie’s mother, Casey, expressed how Sadie’s story would save countless lives while never being forgotten; Kyle called Sadie his first love; Audrina shared how it hurt her heart to think about Sadie who now resides in heaven;

What was Sadie’s cause of death?

Sadie’s cause of death

Cause of Sadie’s death has yet to be officially established by either her family or authorities, although some sources claim she died after an extended battle with cancer; other reports speculate on a long-term illness or sudden accident as potential sources.

How have Sadie’s family members coped with her loss?

Sadie’s family members have been grieving their loss by leaning on one another and remembering the good memories shared. And many fans and friends of his have offered messages of sympathy and support.

Casey has been posting images and videos of Sadie on her Instagram account in celebration of her life and legacy, thanking everyone who has reached out with love messages for Sadie.

Kyle, Sadie’s stepfather, has shown his respect by wearing a necklace bearing her name and dedicating his tarot card business in her memory. Additionally, he has shared both grief and gratitude in Instagram stories.

Audrina has been remembering Sadie in her prayers and thoughts while spending time with Kirra who was close to Sadie.

What will remain of Sadie’s legacy?

Sadie’s legacy

Sadie left behind an inspiring legacy of joy, creativity and curiosity for many to experience. She touched many lives through her talents and excitement for learning something new while she also touched many hearts with her kindness and generosity.


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Sadie’s family hopes that by sharing Sadie’s story, awareness and funds for cancer research and treatment will be raised, while also keeping her spirit alive through those she knew and loved and causes that she cared about.

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