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Octavia Spencer: Married or Single?



Octavia Spencer is one of the most acclaimed and versatile actresses in Hollywood, with an impressive resume of roles in films and TV shows. She has won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA and several other awards for her performances. But what about her personal life? Is she married or single? Does she have any children? Here are some facts you may not know about Octavia Spencer’s husband and relationship status.

Octavia Spencer: Embracing Singlehood and Dispelling Rumor



Contrary to online speculation and advertisements, Octavia Spencer remains unmarried and does not plan on getting married any time soon. Additionally, she does not appear to be dating anyone at present either so may simply be taking time to enjoy being single!

Octavia Spencer was previously linked with Tate Taylor and Josh Hopkins



In her past relationships, Octavia Spencer has experienced several unsuccessful marriage proposals. At one time she was romantically linked with Tate Taylor (director of The Help and Ma), who lived with her for seven years in Los Angeles without becoming romantically involved; Tate later openly identified as gay before moving on with producer Todd Norris as his partner.



Octavia Spencer and Josh Hopkins, the actor who portrayed Cougar Town on The Office, have often been linked romantically. Attending the 2012 SAG Awards together fuelled further speculation of this relationship; however it may just have been that Tate Taylor introduced them and shared Auburn University experiences which helped forge their friendship as friends.

Octavia Spencer Doesn’t Have Children



While Octavia Spencer doesn’t have her own children of her own yet, she greatly enjoys children. While she once considered adopting or having a surrogate give birth for her, ultimately she decided against either option as her career kept getting in the way – preferring instead being an aunt/godmother to friends’ offspring instead.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q. Who is Octavia Spencer?

A: Octavia Spencer is an esteemed American actress widely admired for her performances in films like The Help, Hidden Figures, The Shape of Water and Ma.Her acting has won her an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award and BAFTA award; among other recognitions.

Q: Who is Octavia Spencer’s husband?

A: No, Octavia Spencer does not currently have or have ever had a spouse.

Q: Who is Octavia Spencer dating?

A: At present, Octavia Spencer is single and solely focused on her career.

Q:Does Octavia Spencer have any children?

A: Unfortunately not. While she loves children immensely and has numerous nieces and nephews of her own, Octavia Spencer does not give birth herself.

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