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Tragic Killing Of Rising Rapper Woo Lotti : Know About Him



Woo Lotti was a young rapper from Lincoln, Nebraska, who was brutally killed by rival gang members in April 2020. A video showing his fatal stabbing went viral online, invoking outrage among his fans and the rap community alike. Here is what we know so far about this tragic incident and its aftermath.

Who was Woo Lotti?

Woo Lotti

Woo Lotti

Glen Cole was an up-and-coming 17-year-old rapper, singer, and songwriter with great promise in the music industry. A member of YG group of rappers, his songs including “The Three Stooges” and “The Warm Up” gained great traction on Spotify; with his signature flow and lyricism captivating listeners. Woo was poised to make an immense mark in rap scene.

On April 23, 2020, Woo Lotti was walking on a street in the Bronx when he was ambushed by members of OG gang, bitter rivals of his group YG. Attackers emerged from two cars carrying broomsticks, knives and machetes and chased him down the street before stabbing him repeatedly as he covered his head with his arm to avoid injury – until eventually, viewers saw no more footage as it cut off abruptly leaving audiences stunned and shocked.

How Did The Video Go Viral?

Woo Lotti

Woo Lotti

A user called World News uploaded a video of Woo Lotti’s stabbing onto YouTube by claiming they obtained it from Twitter, where it quickly garnered thousands of views and comments, most expressing support for him while condemning those responsible. Reddit and Instagram platforms then also hosted its posts which generated additional discussions and reactions, although some critics accused World News’ video of disrespecting Woo Lotti, his family and glorifying violence/gang culture; some users reported the content for violating YouTube policies regarding graphic content which resulted in its eventual removal from YouTube altogether.

What is the status of the investigation?

Woo Lotti

Woo Lotti

The NYPD immediately initiated an investigation into Woo Lotti’s murder shortly after it took place, using surveillance video footage and witness statements to identify several suspects, with four arrests taking place within one week – these suspects were charged with murder, gang assault, criminal possession of weapon and plead not guilty and are currently awaiting trial; additionally they continue searching for anyone involved with this attack.

How are Woo Lotti’s Fans and Peers Reacting?

Woo Lotti

Woo Lotti

Woo Lotti’s fans and peers have been mourning his passing while paying their respects to his talent and legacy. Many have shared messages of condolence on social media using the hashtags #RIPWooLotti and #JusticeForWooLotti; many others have also created songs, videos, or artworks in his honor; his group YG have pledged to carry on his musical legacy and seek justice in relation to his death.

FAQs :The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: When did Woo Lotti die?

A: Woo Lotti died on April 23, 2020.

Q: How old was Woo Lotti when he died?

A: Woo Lotti was 17 years old when he died.

Q: Where was Woo Lotti from?

A: Woo Lotti was from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Q: What was Woo Lotti’s real name?

A: Woo Lotti’s real name was Glen Cole.

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