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The cruel mother killed the three-day-old Baby girl with a handkerchief! Because She wanted son,but got a second daughter



Mother in Maharashtra Murdered Her 3-Day-Old Daughter for Want of a Son

Maharashtra’s Latur is heartbroken over a tragic incident involving a mother who strangled her three-day-old baby girl while giving birth. Tragically, she died before having the chance to live out her full potential as it serves as yet another reminder of gender discrimination and violence against female children.

Rekha Kishan Chavan was an abusive mother. After being disappointed by giving birth to two daughters instead of what she desired: a son, Rekha lashed out in anger by strangling one with a handkerchief – killing both daughters in this tragic act.

Police Have Arrested Mother of Son who Allegedly Committed Murder

Gategaon police suspected Rekha Kishan Chavan had killed her son. Following interrogation and confession to their crime, Rekha Kishan Chavan was charged with murder and arrested.

News of this tragic and shocking incident quickly spread throughout the district, leaving all to speculate what crime the baby may have committed. Some childless couples expressed interest in caring for her if given the chance, yet another illustration of how mothers may take innocent lives before giving them a chance to live their own lives.

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