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KSI Knockout Video and Calls Out Tommy Fury



In a recent viral video, KSI Knockout Video out Joe Fournier with a controversial elbow and then proceeded to call out Tommy Fury at Mislifts Boxing 7. The video has been circulating on social media platforms and has garnered millions of views and comments.

Following the post-fight interview between KSI and Fournier, things got heated between KSI and Fury, and a verbal altercation turned into a physical brawl. Fury, who had already been in an altercation in the stands prior to the main event, entered the ring to face off against KSI.

The KSI Knockout Video Stirs Controversy

KSI Knockout Video

After KSI’s victory over Fournier, it was revealed that the finishing blow came from a controversial elbow. KSI started off strong, bouncing on his toes and launching overhand rights at Fournier. The 40-year-old entrepreneur struggled to keep up, showing his age with his slow and labored punches.


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While Fournier found his timing in the second round and even landed a clean right hand on KSI, the YouTuber came back stronger. He landed a massive overhand right that wobbled Fournier before dropping him with a massive shot.

Replays showed that KSI’s finishing blow was actually an elbow, but the result was not overturned. KSI then proceeded to call out Fury, who was watching ringside. Fury responded by knocking and yelling at KSI, and the two had to be separated by security.

KSI Twitter

Despite the violent encounter, KSI sent one final eerie message as he and Fury were led away. Meanwhile, fans eagerly await the upcoming fight between KSI and Fury.

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