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Was £3m MI5 Plot to Rob a Bank in Baker Street robbery ?



One of the most famous robberies ever is the 1971 Baker Street Robbery. It has been recounted repeatedly with various versions and variations over time – some people suggest that it was orchestrated as part of an attempt to cover up royal scandal while others have an entirely different explanation for its occurrence.

One theory suggests this PS3 million bank robbery may have been an MI5 operation to recover stolen photographs of Princess Margaret having an affair with a notorious gangster. If this story intrigues you too, read on as everything necessary is covered herein this article – so keep reading!

Robbery on Baker Street

Baker Street robbery

Baker Street robbery

The Heist It is widely believed that the Baker Street bank heist of 1971 was inspired by a Sherlock Holmes tale, as this street is where his fictional detective lived. A group of robbers entered Lloyds Bank vault before tunneling 40 feet below to access PS3 Million (equivalent to over PS35 Million today).

Baker Street robbery

Baker Street robbery

Recently, a television documentary detailing this heist was released; this tells the tale of how government officials planned and orchestrated an elaborate theft in order to seize photos showing Princess Margaret in an indecent position with John Bindon (a notorious gangster). Continue scrolling down for more about this tale!

A walkie-talkie bank job

Baker Street robbery

Baker Street robbery

This heist gained its moniker after an innocent member of the public overheard its perpetrators speaking over two-way radio, yet government orders D-Notice were issued to prevent media coverage and national Archives related to this raid were locked up until 2071; an unprecedented move for criminal activity without apparent national security risks.

Baker Street robbery

According to Jason Statham’s film The Bank Job, an infamous Caribbean criminal named Michael X was responsible for placing images compromising Princess Margaret and Bindon into a bank vault for safekeeping. Prince Margaret had known Bindon since 1974 when they appeared together on an island together; Bindon also had connections with the Kray twins.

Brosnan states in his documentary that Baker Street Lloyds Bank safety deposit boxes are where London’s rich and powerful store their wealth and secrets. Bookmark this site for updates as they unfold.”

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