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What happened to Andy Lund? In Italy, A Well-Known Musician And Photographer Passed Away.



Andy Lund

Andy Lund

Devastating News of Andy Lund’s Death

Andy Lund’s death has left us heartbroken and speechless, touching many lives along his path and sparking outrage on social media. Many want to know what happened, how he died and his age at death; we have attempted to provide answers but some details remain unverified at this time – click below for further insights into this remarkable man’s passing.

What Was the Cause of Andy Lund’s Death

 Andy Lund

Andy Lund

Andy Lund was confirmed dead by several individuals close to him. Kelda Crafford Lund has shared her sorrow on her social media accounts as have others. According to Kelda, Andy had recently traveled to Italy for work and leisure purposes but became sick with an unknown virus shortly after arriving in Florence; doctors tested him for COVID-19 but came up negative results.



Andy Lund was confirmed as having been born April 6, 1976 and died at 47 years old on December 9, 2018. Known for being both courageous and humble, his life touched many in both family, friendship, and innumerable other ways.


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No matter our best efforts to understand what caused Andy Lund’s untimely passing, its cause remains unknown. We are currently gathering as much information as possible so as to provide updates and further details in due time. Letisha Charles was one of Andy’s colleagues who mourned his passing by noting how she will miss their talks over coffee, his crazy text messages and mutual support in times of difficulty.

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