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Who are Darren Cahill’s kids? Introducing the Son and Daughter of Tennis Coach



Darren Cahill kids

In this article, we’ll present an introduction to who Darren Cahill is and his estimated net worth. People around the world may know of his children Benjamin Cahill and Tahlia Cahill due to his distinguished tennis career. Let’s go deeper and take a look at all that Darren has accomplished as an ex-pro player, current coach, and analyst.

Who are Darren Cahill’s Children?

Darren Cahill kids

Darren Cahill kids

As previously stated, Darren Cahill is an Australian former professional tennis player who achieved the world No 22 singles ranking and No 10 doubles ranking during his tennis career. Darren won two singles titles and 17 doubles titles during this time.

Following retirement in 1994 Darren transitioned into coaching; working with some of the greatest players such as Andre Agassi, Lleyton Hewitt, Simona Halep and Naomi Osaka among many others – also appearing as television commentator on networks such as ESPN and ABC.

Ben Cahill is the son of Darren Cahill

Darren Cahill kids

Darren Cahill kids

Though no longer playing professionally, Darren Cahill remains active in the tennis world as an accomplished coach and analyst. Born October 2, 1965 in Adelaide Australia and becoming one of the youngest professional players at 19, Benjamin became one of his youngest prodigies at 19 too. Now living in Australia he is proud father to Tahlia born August 17, 2005 and Benjamin who started his tennis journey while attending Pulteney Grammar School as well.

What Is Darren Cahill’s Net Worth?

Darren Cahill kids

Though Darren Cahill has achieved great success during his tennis career and earned himself the reputation as one of the world’s premier coaches, he prefers to keep his net worth under wraps. It can be assumed, however, that as an accomplished former tennis player who made a successful transition into coaching/analyzing roles such as this website will contain updates regarding Cahill and his professional achievements.

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