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Where Is Mason Crosby Going After Leaving Green Bay Packers? | Latest Updates



Where Is Mason Crosby

Where Is Mason Crosby

Mason Crosby has been making waves online as people attempt to learn more about his recent announcement. Here, we provide all the pertinent details regarding him as an accomplished football player and any rumors which might exist about him.

Where Is Mason Crosby | Gossipheadlines

Where Is Mason Crosby Going After Leaving Green Bay Packers?

Crosby hails from Lubbock, Texas, and attended college football at the University of Colorado Boulder. While in college he earned All-America status before being chosen in the sixth round of 2007 NFL Draft by Green Bay Packers for Super Bowl XLV against Pittsburgh Steelers.

Where Is Mason Crosby | Gossipheadlines

Crosby’s Future with Packers

Molly Crosby confirmed on Twitter the end of her husband’s over ten-year relationship with the Green Bay Packers; however, Brian Gutekunst, general manager for the Packers has stated that Crosby will play another season and they have been impressed by his performance despite struggling with kickoffs which affected defense.

Where Is Mason Crosby | Gossipheadlines

Molly’s tweet regarding Jonathan Owens joining the Packers came across as somewhat negative and when Green Bay fans saw it was later deleted. To date no information has been made public regarding Crosby’s future plans.

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