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Who Is Sabrina? French Bulldog Owner in Australia slugged with $37k vet bill | Recent Updates



Who Is Sabrina

Who Is Sabrina

Sabrina has made waves online by reporting that a French Bulldog sued its vet over a staggering $37,000 bill. This news sent shockwaves through animal-lovers everywhere and left many wanting more details on this case and its surrounding controversy. We compiled all of them here – read on for more!

Who Is Sabrina and What Happened to Her French Bulldog?

Who Is Sabrina and What Happened to Her French Bulldog? | GOssipheadlines

Matisse, a five-year-old French bulldog owned by two families, left its owners speechless when they learned they owed almost $37,000 to keep her alive. According to Daniele, one owner stated “This bill is massive – we ask them just reconsider”. Sabrina stated Matisse experienced health problems after paying over $5000 with one breeder for registration – something Sabrina described as being likened to having purchased “a ticking time bomb.”

 French Bulldog Owner in Australia slugged with $37k vet bill | Gossipheadlines

The High Cost of Love: Sabrina’s French Bulldog Vet Bill

Sabrina and Daniele took Matisse twice on Easter Saturday after she started experiencing unsteadiness with her hind legs, where the vet placed the dog on oxygen to stabilize her, took a $3000 deposit, performed expensive scans, tests, surgeries, monitoring as well as estimates that increased significantly since there was no pet insurance to cover her treatments – up from an initial quote of $8900 by up to 3x! Daniele says estimates kept increasing.

Sabrina French Bulldog Vet Bill | Gossipheadlines

Dr. Robert Zammit, a Western Sydney veterinarian who was not involved with Matisse’s care, believes vets should be transparent with cost estimates “so people can make an informed decision.” However, some pet owners want their animals to receive healthcare similar to what people receive themselves but are unwilling to pay the associated bills – particularly those paying over $5000 for an animal like Matisse. According to Zammit: If you own such an expensive animal “you should consider paying an affordable fee for some pet health insurance as care can quickly become very costly,” added Zammit.

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