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Who Is Hana Hanifah? Open On Christian Sugiono Affair Hoax Debunked On Instagram



Hana Hanifah

Hana Hanifah

Selebgram Hana Hanifah and Actor CS’s Alleged Affair

As ongoing reports about actor CS’s affair swirl online, speculation regarding Selebgram Hana Hanifah as being his paramour is intensifying. Allegations indicate this possibility is indeed happening and thus netizens have many questions regarding their relationship status and who Hana Hanifah might be; many want to know who she is as well if they know if Hana Hanifah and Actor CS are currently dating each other or not. We have attempted to answer some fan questions herein as well. We’ve attempted to provide some answers herein by fans regarding Hana Hanifah as much as possible so as to keep fans up to speed as well. We’ve provided some answers here that fans have raised concerning her possible involvement with Actor CS.

Who is Actor CS and when did the affair rumors surface?

Hana Hanifah

Hana Hanifah

Netizens have been baffled by the name Actor CS. Many speculate that Actor CS could be Christian Sugiono; however, recent speculation regarding an affair between Actor CS and Hana Hanifah surfaced when Twitter user @tigerspooh posted a tweet alleging this affair between Actor CS and Hana Hanifah went viral after posting that tweet via their @tigerspooh handle which claimed Actor CS picked up Hana Hanifah who is not his wife; which made headlines across social media.

TikTok user @noona_updates also contributed to the discussion by saying: “Every day I pick up and drop off, salute p3lakor, which causes office congestion. He prides himself as being an ideal husband: loyal without ever lying.”


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What did Hana Hanifah say regarding the allegations of her being involved in an affair?



After extensive discussion and speculation about her alleged affair with actor CS, Hana Hanifah finally addressed it by posting an Instagram story denying all allegations and insisting she did not know him personally. According to her post: “This news is false rumor fabricated for personal gain by using suspicion/slander to harm me personally as the initials HAHA were suspected as having an affair with the brother of actor CS… This HOAX needs to stop.”

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