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Who Is Saint Obi’s Wife? Is Nigerian Actor Married? Know About His Relationship Status



Saint Obi's Wife

Saint Obi’s Wife

Saint Obi and His Wife: A Short Discussion

Obinna Nwafor, commonly referred to by his stage name Saint Obi, was an esteemed Nigerian actor, film producer and director who made an unforgettable mark with several notable films like Candle Light, Sakobi Goodbye Tomorrow Heart of Gold Festival of Fire Executive Crime Last Party.

Saint Obi was born November 16, 1965 but unfortunately passed away May 7, 2023. Known for his distinguished performances he rose quickly in prominence during his lifetime – his performances being remembered for their mesmerizing performances across numerous movies like Candle Light Sakobi Goodbye Tomorrow Goodbye Tomorrow Heart of Gold Festival of Fire Executive Crime Last Party.

Saint Obi began his entertainment industry career by studying Theatre Arts at the University of Jos. In 1996, his television debut came through an advertorial for Peugeot; this quickly led to more than 60 movie roles over time, where his talents and versatility shone through. By 2001, Saint took his career a step further by venturing into film production – producing Take Me to Maama successfully as his debut

Is Nigerian Actor Married

Saint Obi's Marriage

Saint Obi’s Marriage

Saint Obi made an indelible mark on Nigerian entertainment culture throughout his career. Even after his tragically early passing, his legacy will live on through future generations who continue to admire and emulate his talents and impactful presence in Nigerian cinema.

Saint Obi was previously married to Lynda-Saint Nwafor and shared 15 years together, during which time they welcomed three children into their marriage. Lynda hailing from Anambra State Nigeria worked at MTN Telecoms Company as a top staff member.

Saint Obi relationship status

Saint Obi relationship status

Saint Obi and Lynda’s marriage came to a tragic conclusion in 2021, which marked their dissolution as well. Although no formal reasons have been disclosed publicly regarding their separation, fans and well-wishers who had watched their longstanding relationship over time must have been taken aback at hearing of its end. Since then both parties have gone their separate ways focusing on individual journeys rather than remaining within each other.

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