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Naagin Season 6 written update 14th May 2023: Latest Episode





An replace on Naagin Season 6 for May 14th 2023

Naagin is currently airing its sixth season with great success and impressive TRP ratings. The show boasts an exceptional cast that continues to dazzle audiences with their performances; main protagonist Prarthana now faces many new obstacles that require her to overcome them all in this exciting adventure show! We bring you updates about this highly-anticipated show so don’t miss it – stay up-to-date!

Latest Episode

Nagin Season 6

Nagin Season 6

In the latest episode, Prathana confronts Patali and Mehek demanding to know where her daughter is located. After receiving no response, Mehek threatens to kill everyone unless Prarthana erases all memories of her daughter until after the wedding takes place. Agreeing to their demands, Prarthana uses her powers to erase everyone’s memories of her daughter until after the ceremony has taken place, before praying to Lord Shiv for help and asking him for guidance as to where her daughter may be hiding.

Naagin Season 6

Naagin Season 6

Prarthana prays to Shiva and is shown where Purvika may be hiding. When Prarthana arrives at this location, she meets Diljit and discusses her situation with him. Raj Dakshak advises her to bring both daughters together into one body by creating a Setu. Following this advice, Prarthana manages to reunite Purvika with herself; but soon afterwards realizes she must leave in order to prevent chaos at her husband’s wedding ceremony.

Prarthana takes a stand and informs Raghu of their daughters before continuing her mission of saving Raghu from Pravateel’s abuse. With Naagin Season 6 drawing to a close

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