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Who Is Prof Chandan Gowda? BJP Defeat in Karnataka Election | Reason Explained



Prof Chandan Gowda has made waves online due to his comments regarding the Karnataka Assembly Elections. With many eagerly seeking updates and seeking further details about both Chandan Gowda’s insights and the outcome of elections. Read on to gain more insight into this viral sensation as well as learn more about these elections results and this beloved professor.

Who Is Prof Chandan Gowda?

At the 2023 Karnataka Assembly elections, the Congress party triumphed with 135 seats – an increase of 55 over its earlier total and an impressive victory against Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) 66 seats. To gain further insights into why Congress won so convincingly while BJP suffered setbacks, The Quint spoke to Chandan Gowda from Institute for Social and Economic Change Bengaluru where he holds Ramakrishna Hegde Chair Professor’s insights:

Unraveling the Winning Alliance in 2023 Karnataka Elections

Lingayats in Mumbai, Karnataka were united behind the Congress party, which led them to victory in all but one scheduled tribe constituencies. Additionally, many Vokkaligas from Old Mysore who once supported JD(S) have switched over to vote for Congress instead – and as a result Congress won both Old Mysore Region and consolidated Muslim votes across other areas with ease.

On reserved SC seats, the expected split between left- and right-hand Dalit communities did not materialize, with Congress now controlling a significant proportion. Siddaramaiah appeals also helped mobilize various backward caste sections behind Congress. While PM Modi rallies may have helped boost BJP performance, their performance may have been even worse without him.


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