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Will Jagdish Tytler join the Bharat Jod Yatra? Punjab Congress voices strong opposition



Jagdish Tytler

Jagdish Tytler

Controversy Surrounds the Congress Party’s India Joro Yatra Amid Opposition from Punjab Congress

Rahul Gandhi and Jagdish Tytler’s inclusion on Rahul Gandhi’s India Joro Yatra has come under scrutiny from members of the Punjab Congress. Senior leader MLA Pargat Singh of the Punjab Congress objected to Tytler’s involvement, noting his connection with 1984 Sikh Genocide and asking that caution be exercised given sentiments held dear by people living in Punjab. Singh expressed concern about law and order issues within Punjab while encouraging government authorities to provide adequate security measures before permitting its entry. Sikhs for Justice has threatened to block Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra from entering Punjab, raising further security concerns about this journey.

Jagdish presence at Bharat Jodo Yatra Meeting

Jagdish presence at Bharat Jodo Yatra Meeting

Even amid all of its controversy, the Bharat Joro Yatra continues to march through Rajasthan. At one public meeting earlier this week, Rahul Gandhi spoke passionately about love in an otherwise hate-filled country; suggesting he open “shop of love” within an otherwise hateful marketplace. He called upon BJP leaders to do the same by walking 15 km each month for connecting with their constituents and listening to grievances from people across Rajasthan. Gandhi also criticised their position on English education: their leaders’ families attend English medium schools while discrediting it while discrediting its language altogether.

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