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Women guards deployed for the first time on Indo-Bangladesh border,Combatting the enemy amidst dense jungle.



Women Jawans take charge at BOP Ganga, one of six new floating BOPs in Sundarbans for enhanced surveillance

Women Now Handle Border Security at this BOP

In the North and South 24 Parganas districts of Bengal and Bangladesh, the Sundarbans area security is a daunting task. Cattle and drug smuggling and infiltration from this region have become significant issues. The BSF maintains round-the-clock vigilance through floating BOPs instead of establishing a permanent post in this densely forested and waterlogged area.

Taking a massive step forward, the South Bengal border deployed women sentries for the first time to protect the international border passing through this rugged region surrounded by wetlands, vast dense forests, and rivers, symbolizing women’s empowerment. BOP Ganga, one of the six new floating BOPs deployed recently to increase vigilance in the area, is now entirely shouldered by women jawans. Hence, women have taken up border security from BOP Ganga and will serve in combat roles independently. It’s the first time in BSF’s history. A platoon of women guards has already been deployed for floating BOPs and border patrols in remote areas like Sundarbans, which will be of great assistance in curbing the smuggling of female infiltrators.

Deploying Women Army for the First Time

According to South Bengal Frontier spokesperson and DIG Amrish Kumar Arya, this is the first time for women jawans to be deployed in the history of BSF to conduct border patrols and floating BOPs in remote areas like Sundarbans. He added that a team of women jawans, comprising 15 to 20 jawans, is presently deployed here. The Sundarbans area’s security is a challenging task with cattle and drug smuggling and infiltration from this region becoming significant problems.


The BSF has converted a massive ship into a floating BOP to conduct round-the-clock surveillance instead of establishing a permanent post in this densely forested and waterlogged area. Here, many rivers, such as Raimangal, Ichamati, cross the border of both countries, and jawans perform their duty under challenging conditions.

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